Bio-Pharm Building Quality At Every Level


Blending pharmaceutical talent with a state-of-the-art dynamically upgrading laboratory, Bio-Pharm Inc. remains on the cutting edge of product development. Bio-Pharm has its own extensive in-house pipeline of products. From working with partners to add value and assisting companies with their own custom formulations, our passion for bringing visions to reality is deep and comprehensive. Some of the services we offer are:

- Proof of Concept studies
- Formulation development
- Analytical method development and validation
- Stability storage and ICH-guided testing
- Regulatory Support for eCTD Filing

In addition to our in-house expertise we have a development advisory board with over 100 years of experience to offer guidance and innovative solutions for many complex products challenges. Bio-Pharm Inc. has a long history of working with customers' failing products to identify, assess and solve their problems to create a marketable commercial product.

We are always actively seeking business development opportunities and partnerships to bring more products to market. Please contact us to discuss further